Tomatoes and gerberas in harmony on one farm

The Oremus farm is a place that smells of tomatoes, a place where 50 gerbera varieties bloom and where responsibility is our most important value. Responsibility to our work, to ourselves, to our employees and to our customers.
Under the Oremus brand you will find tomatoes grown without chemicals, tomato plants pollinated by efficient bumblebees and gerberas grown from certified seedlings from the best producers on the market. Welcome to our farm where you can find harmony, buzzing bees, a family atmosphere and a relationship with nature, developed since our early childhoods.


Tomatoes that can be picked and tasted direct from the vine

Welcome to the tomato kingdom, where you can discover your favourite childhood varieties: sweet Cherry, elongated Idolini, and modern tiger or green tomatoes. We buy the seeds from the best breeding companies and we pamper our tomatoes. We protect them with purely biological methods, so you can pick and eat them directly from the vines, the greenhouses are heated by geothermal springs, and the vines are pollinated by a turbo squad of bumblebees. Every day we check the vines, ensure sufficient irrigation, ventilation, humidity and greenhouse temperature to bring you tomatoes that are ripe, tasty and full of nutrients.

  • Ideal year-round climate for tomato ripening
  • Heated by geothermal springs
  • Non-genetically modified
  • Pollinated by efficient bumblebees

50 gerbera varieties from the largest producer

Gerberas are African beauties that will brighten up every table. We have more than 50 varieties from which to choose. We will ship them to your flower shop within 24 hours of picking. You can mix a colourful cocktail according to your mood, season or floral trends. In addition to classics, we also cultivate modern varieties such as the Spider Gerbera with needle-like petals, or the lovely Pomponi. Our gerberas are grown only from certified seedlings and we are constantly learning from experts from the Netherlands and Belgium so that our Oremus gerberas can be the number one flower on the market.

  • Grown in coconut fibre
  • 50 gerbera varieties
  • Direct to your shop within 24 hours
  • Growing 4 million flowers a year

The “Oremus” surname is our quality guarantee

I am glad that people have learned to trust the “Oremus” surname. Many know my father’s bakery products, also sold under the Oremus brand, and this surname has always been regarded in our region as a guarantee of high quality and honest work. What we put on the packaging is what we guarantee. These are not the words of some anonymous farmer from the other side of the globe.

I say it myself. Branislav Oremus from Bánov.


My first steps lead to our greenhouses every morning. I cannot imagine my day without a morning walk in the greenhouses.


We buy tomato seeds from the best breeding companies.


I have been teaching my staff since the very first day to pick only such tomatoes that they would buy themselves.


When I go on holiday, I feel sad just being away from nature. One must simply “live by it”.


My father always taught me to put 100% effort into things, and I am grateful for that.