Mix your colourful cocktail according to your mood

Twice a year we can delight all Slovak women with this elegant daisy. We grow up to 4 million gerberas on our farm every year and each one passes through our hands. Collection is done by hand and the flowers are delivered in our own air-conditioned vehicles. We grow gerberas in coconut fibre and our modern greenhouses are heated by geothermal springs. We buy young seedlings from the FLORIST breeding company, which is one of the best ones on the market. We know experts from the Netherlands and Belgium, from whom we constantly learn about cultivation.

Flowers in your store within 24 hours!

We deliver flowers twice a week so that there are always fresh gerberas in florists’ vases. We guarantee 24 hours from picking the flower to delivery to the store. We supply the market in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria with our products.

Gerberas also succumb to trends

Every year, we add new attractive varieties to our range, most recently the Spider Gerbera with needle-like petals or the lovely Pomponi. Gerberas are associated with special events. Last year, the trend was for purple and pastel colours, during the wedding season there is a growing demand for pink, salmon and cream colour gerberas, for Christmas and Valentine’s Day we have numerous orders for red flowers.

Different region – different gerbera

In the Czech Republic, the florists prefer more colourful “bicolor” gerberas. The Austrians prefer a minimalist bouquet in one colour shade. Gerberas are ideal for round bouquets. They look wonderful in combination with roses, carnations and chrysanthemums.

Gerberas are African beauties

Gerberas come from the South African tropics and are named after Traugott Gerber, the German botanist who discovered this plant. They came to Europe in the 19th century. Since then there has been continuous breeding and expansion of its varieties. Gerberas belong to the daisy family and symbolize joy.

How can I order gerberas for my flower shop?

Send us an email to objednávky@slovkvet.sk. If you do it today by 12:00 a. m., the next day we will deliver the gerberas directly to your flower shop. We supply the market with about 4 million flowers per year.

Gerbera Standard


Standard dry packing in cardboard: 25 pcs/pallet, in cardboard 50 pcs
Packing in water in round pallets: 10 pcs/pallet, in bucket 60 pcs
Packing in water in square pallets: 15 pcs/pallet, in bucket 60 pcs

Gerbera Mini


Standard packing in cardboard: 30 pcs/pallet, in cardboard 60 pcs
Packing in water in bundles: 20 pcs/bundle, in bucket 100 pcs
Packing in water in square pallets: 20 pcs/pallet, in bucket 80 pcs