Your favourite tomatoes

Sweet salad tomatoes or big juicy tomatoes from your childhood. On our farm, we grow the 4 favourite tomato varieties, which our customers like the most: Idorini, Delischer, Cherry and the traditional Merlice variety. Every year we also grow additional varieties, such as green, orange or tiger tomatoes, to make your salads look even more colourful. We regularly check the appearance, colour and flavour of our tomatoes with a sensometer.

Get to know our turbo squad –

efficient bumblebees

For flower pollination we have a trained turbo squad of bumblebees. We release them into the greenhouses as soon as the first flowers bloom. The bumblebees are very hard-working. They are first-class pollinators. In just one minute they visit many flowers and they turn each one into a tomato. We regularly add reinforcements to the greenhouses and provide nutrition for the bumblebees. If one deployed turbo squad is not enough, we release more formations to maintain the pollination dynamics.

The bumblebees are of a peaceable nature. In the greenhouses there is a constant humming and harmony. It is a pleasure to observe. If we used chemicals in the greenhouses, you would not find any bumblebees or living organisms there.

We grow our tomatoes in coconut fibre

We grow tomatoes and gerberas in coconut fibre, which is the most modern way of cultivation nowadays. It is actually a mix of coconut husk chips and bark. Since it is a neutral environment, we supply nutrients that get into the root systems. We buy tomato seeds from the best breeding companies.

We harvest after three months

We plant the tomato vines in the greenhouses in January. Together with bumblebees, we take intensive care of the vines for 90 days. Can you imagine our joy when we harvest the first batch in March? The whole team meets at the table, together we take in the sweet smell and taste the tomatoes. It is our little tomato celebration. We keep the tomatoes in the greenhouses until November, then we clean them thoroughly so that we can put the new vines into a clean environment in January.

We pick the tomatoes when they are ripe

I have been teaching my staff since the very first day to pick only such tomatoes that they would buy themselves. The customers are the ones who move us forward and give us the opportunity to grow. If satisfied, we can also fulfil our ideas and dreams. We take great care to fill the cups only with juicy tomatoes. We do everything we can to prevent unripe tomatoes from reaching your kitchen.

Ing. Zoltán Tamašek

Expert on biological plant protection

„Branislav Oremus is an exceptional producer. He is very patient and lives by principles that protect not only the people on the farm but also his customers. He is a pioneer in biological plant protection in Slovakia, and ever since I have known him, he has not sprayed his tomatoes with any chemicals. We protect them by purely biological methods, strengthen their immune system, and together we have defeated many pests, even the threat from Bolivia, which destroyed up to 75% of the Spanish harvest. Branislav Oremus’ farm is a small cultivation miracle.

Sweet tomatoes are the most popular

The Slovaks like sweet flavours. They especially like salad cherry tomatoes because of their small size and different colours, so I always have them on offer. We are very pleased about the present trend of healthy nutrition, thanks to which vegetables appear on Slovak tables more than in the past and people are more and more interested in their origin and quality. The classic Slovak cookbook did not pay any special attention to tomatoes. You found tomatoes only in recipes for vegetable stew, stuffed peppers or tomato soup. The trend for local vegetables is on our side, and this is very motivating for us as producers.

We have a vegetable salad on our table on a daily basis. We serve tomatoes with all kinds of meat, and we love to cut them and enjoy them simply with bread and butter.
What we like most from hot meals is tomato sauce with garlic, basil, thyme, pepper or olive oil.

Where can you find our tomatoes?

They go to our warehouses from where we supply retail stores such as COOP Jednota, LIDL or BILLA. You can also find our tomatoes in Tesco stores.

Ing. Igor Gavor

Production Manager

I have been working with Branislav Oremus for 8 years and I am very glad that we are working together to keep our plants under biological protection. Thanks to this, you can pick and eat a tomato directly in our greenhouses. I personally prefer the Delischer variety, although, honestly, I am already a little bit fed up of eating tomatoes (laughs).